To provide customers with a full range of ODM/OEM services
We have an excellent team to lay a solid foundation for the company’s long-term development; at the same time, we focus on the introduction and cultivation of talents, and enhance the technology and quality of our products by continuously strengthening our research and development capabilities.
Provide customers with a full range of ODM/OEM services; from product planning, design, production to final product promotion,
Provide complete acoustic product integration solutions based on customer’s market needs.
Common problem
  • How to buy headphones?
  • What is the impedance of the headphones?
  • What is the frequency response range of the headphones?
  • What is the sensitivity of the headphones?
  • What is the harmonic distortion of the headphones?
  • What is a high fidelity headset?
Download Center
  • Downtime assistant download
  • non-destructive test source download
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